Sunday, December 21, 2014

Review HID Kit, These are a must for LED upgrades and easy to install You have to...

The yesterday. I search for information on the HID Kit Computer Warning Canceller amp Anti Flicker (1 Pair) - (Original, so i would like to bring a story to tell.

HID Kit Computer Warning Canceller amp

Kensun's HID Kit Computer Warning Canceller solves a problem sometimes encountered when installing HID kits on certain car models such as Mercedes Benz BMW and Audi. The CANBUS system in these vehicles causes a computer error warning to be displayed. By using this cable you can connect the power supply to the HID ballast via this unit which resolves the computer error warning.. Read more or Check Price

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These are a must for updates to LED and easy to install You must install them on metal to dissipate heat buildup. by DAVE

I used this on my 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee that I converted the fog lights to HID. I had constant flicker that all stopped once I added this product between the wiring ... by franckya

great product and a great response from the company on how to help you with any issues you may have with the product. by ryan

Not sure if I needed but I bought them anyway just in case. "Everything in my HID setup seems to work great""Tutto nel mio setup HID sembra funzionare grande""""""it""Everything"1truefalse984010"in my"2truefalse984130"HID"3truefalse999340"setup"4truefalse999450"seems to work"5truefalse999580"great"6truefalse999890"Tutto"1"Everything"984truefalse"All"0truefalse"Whole"0truefalse"Throughout"0truefalse"Around"0truefalse05"Tutto nel mio setup HID sembra funzionare grande""nel mio"2"in my"984truefalse"on my"0truefalse"to my"0truefalse"my"0truefalse"into my"0truefalse613"""HID"3"HID"999truefalse"Lamp HID"0truefalse"HID Kits"0truefalse2023"""setup"4"setup"999truefalse"setups"0truefalse"the Setup"0truefalse1419"""sembra funzionare"5"seems to work"999truefalse"appears to work"0truefalse"seems to be working"0truefalse"seem to work"0truefalse"it seems to work"0truefalse2441"""grande"6"great"999truefalse"large"0truefalse"big"0truefalse"largest"0truefalse"larger"0truefalse4248"""Tutto nel mio set-up HID sembra funzionare grande"6"it"66. by Josh


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